Dawn of Myth battlecalc (Round 34)
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Made by PreMorteM (quakenet #axemen)

A small note on differences from this calc and ingame:
Without excact info about how the capturing mechanism works, calculations will deviate from ingame results. This will in particular be visible when there are small numbers of units involved. Also, bonuses to defence and attack will make the situation even worse.
When there is not enough charmers to capture the entire caprate it will concentrate on the resources there is most of. All charmers will do their job first, before any "H-Charmers". So if the charmers capture the entire 10% limit, the H-charmers will capture 0.
When saving battles the calc takes what is currently visible in the input fields and stores it. If you've done a calculation, then press back in your browser before storing to get correct prebattle save.